We are Experts in

We are Experts in

Stakeholder Defense

Business Solutions can be defined in many ways. But these, at all times need to be independent, un-baised, and with a vision.

Independent : We take a view point into consideration which ia taking into account the factors of the market. 

Un-Baised : Our cosiderations do not skew towards a direction. They are unbaised, calculated and math driven. 

Vision : The Solutions which are drawn up with independent views and unbaised approach towards the client's business is which makes of a true delivery for the achievement of a vision that our clients have. It takes into account the expectaions of both internal and external stakeholders, very pragmatically and are driven locally. Logical to achive the organisation wide Vision.
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Our Practice include

If you have a problem, we will have a solution. The right way!
If you have a query, we will have a answer !
Statutory Complainces

Statutory Complainces

Compliances, Guidelines, Audit & Completion
Business Litigation

Business Litigation

Strategy, Planning, Recovery, Defense & Settlement.
Digital Protection

Digital Protection

Design. Assessment. Capture. Defense.
Strategic Legal Inputs

Strategic Legal Inputs

Personal & Personnel Legal Protection. Organisation Protection. Investigations.


Intellectual Property Raights / Trademarks / Patents / Litigation
Home Buyers Protection & Advice

Home Buyers Protection & Advice

Builder-Home Buyers' Dispute Resolution Mechnism & Regulatory Advice


Together we are


Emotional &
Intelligence Quotient

& Logical Interventions

Our associates are well trained to examine every fact, Investigate and tirelessly study and monitor ongoing situation to assist you in arriving at informed discussions with respect to your legal, and related matters for both internal & external stakeholders.

Experienced professionals with analytical skills

Network and a plethora of old school & modern resources & methods

Open Minded, forthcoming, committed & clocked delivery

Loyalty, privacy & secrecy, information based, action oriented and logical

Vaibhav Aggarwal, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Preneur, Rocket Ship Builder, Twitter @TheVaibhavAg, BJP National Leader, Political Misfit

We Belive Justice
Who We Are
Let's Make it Right

"Law enforcement, Legal Issues, Personnel and Stakeholder Loyalties, Mis-understandings et all spoil a lot of blood and deviate us from our primary goal of achieving the greater good as an employer, and as a employee. We don't have to go through it, if we can sort issues at the very beginning. As we all were taught by our parents, Quote "nib the evil in the bud..." unquote. I am telling you, trust me, we can get it right before any situation goes bad - only with the right help !"

Founder & Chief Executive 

Collective 100+ Years Of Logical Experience

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International Presence : Dhaka, Dubai, London, Moscow, New York, Sydney, Toronto, Tokyo
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