noun :
the techniques used, as by an employer or government, 
to avert ordeal with strikes, 
riots, violence,or other crisis situations.

"Crisis Management & Crisis Mitigation"
Business Administration and its success depends on aversion of crisis in a day’s work. The Ability to think of the worst-case scenario, while simultaneously working our best possible solutions, is a crises-mitigation driven mindset. We help you maintain that balance during situations, bringing external intelligence and an unbiased view point of the situation.
Trial and error which is an accepted discipline as the first defense, may not work, thus making it necessary to list contingency plans, and situation handling with a 360˚ view on pros-cons of the situations developed or developing, for a successful operation.
Crisis is a sad word; it could make or break dreams! The credibility of organizations and reputations of the people attached are severely on the line during any such situation. Communications / methods used in responding to a situation by being in the “Right place, Right time” fashion, will be critical to the organization’s very existence is a big challenge in the business.
Emergency Management, Business Continuity Planning(BCP), are relatively focused word Blade-BRAINS® keeps an eye for. Keeping in mind, the Short term and Long term goals. The short term being the “dousing of the fire” and long term being the restoration and recovery.
Blade-BRAINS® will monitor the developing crisis, or possible collusion with a crisis situation by assisting you to get intelligence in the system from business required areas of focus. We will provide you with advisory services after gathering intelligence, and post in-depth investigations. We will assist you in the due-diligence process,  compliances and protect your digital assets.
Crisis, which is a larger part of the Risk Management, includes Political and Economic Risks, Socio-cultural risks, Security risks and Probity Risks.
The risk Management Consultancy could be defined and listed in 100s of lines, however, briefly some of services covered would be Forensics, Intelligence, Investigations, Compliances, legal support, political risk monitoring, BCP, Crisis Response, On Site & Travel Security, et all.
We will work with the management bringing in intelligence from the government, law enforcement, local informants / contacts etc. for risk management. We will help in managing political, integrity and security risks in complex and hostile environments. Our support comes with leadership driven strategic consultancy, data collection, research and analysis, expert inputs & opinions, in-depth investigations, and handholding through the crisis situation by providing on ground support, protection and guidance.
Our perseverance and integrity driven approach to risk management, enables our clients to place their faith in us and explore new opportunities around the globe.

So if this interests you, or you are going through a crisis, whether personal or professional, will professionally step-up the ante and assist you sail through it smoothly. We’ve got your back !
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