Usually the performers participate in rehearsals beforehand.

Why Chose Us?

Creative People
Interestingly we articulate the ideas and creativity that our clients, friends, families, employees and teams, etc and a life is given to them by converting them into working solutions. Of course we do prototypes whereever possible. They are not random, they are not fuzzy, they are unbaised and of coursed they are laced with the fine vision of our clients. 

All work, & no play makes jack a dull boy. Creativityis the essence of everything we do. That is why we do it better. That is why we are - The Do More Team™ !

Our Strengths

Reasons of why you should choose to work with us, are listed in multiple sections. However we still like t mention our strengths in some more worrds
Pragmatism is a virtue and at the same time a rare skill in a team. When we deliver solutions on issues and problems, we fix them. We solve complex equations with ease as we use pragmatism. Our solutions are realistic and sensible. 
We present an argument to a situation and dicuss it with the internal and external stakeholders logically. The Approach is to be conclusive. The conclusion may or maynot result in a direction, but we will definitly have a conclusion which be carry a life logic. Driven by maths, consider the environmental factors, a conclusive direction for estalishing a connected path which is probably value driven for all stake holders. 
Decision making is making those difficult choices - to be or not to be. Creating a balenced approach in the  process of attaing business success is a life skill that every business should have in order to create sustainability. The "business continuity" is a principal that we implement and keep in mind when we handhold the clients during the process of this decision making. This is targetted and focused. 
International Presence : Dhaka, Dubai, London, Moscow, New York, Sydney, Toronto, Tokyo
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