We Innovate -
The Do More Team™

- And help in giving a shape to all Ideas. Yours & Ours. Let's get creative & innovative !

Out of Box

Effective & Logical


Corporate Events, Innovative MICE,
Consumer Activations

Create professional events & activations effortlessly with advanced & Intelligent team, giving the right shape to your thoughts which is reality & logic driven.
Any organization needs to be active on the “Stake Holder Engagement” side. Blade-BRAINS® assists you to work on that side and takes off your headache of getting into a cat-mouse game of getting the Stakeholder Engagements right.
We research, design creatively and work with the clients brief to develop the scope in the best possible manner for the sake of achieving par excellence in delivery.

MultiStake-Holder Engagement Platform

  1. Leadership Meets
  2. Investors Meets
  3. Employee Engagement Annual Meets
  4. Sales Meet
1. Customers
  1. Product Launches
  2. Sampling Activities & Merchandising
  3. Press Meets
  1. Media Buying

Our Full Feature Services

We are a resourceful team. You dont have to tell us how it has to be done ? Just tell us what is to be done. We will get it done !
Fabrication & Production90%
Light, Sound, Action95%
Conceptualise, Design & Execute100%
Props, Sourcing & Decorations80%
Print, Media & Branding100%
While all of the above is happening, we also assist International media houses / production companies / producers / anchors / et all in coming to India and assisting then to shoot here. Be it a feature they are making, or a film, it could be a documentary or a few whose-who interviews. So if you are potentially considering India as the next location, then share your idea with us and we would be happy to assist you. Research for Content, Journos, Connects with the right people, production team and related works.
International Presence : Dhaka, Dubai, London, Moscow, New York, Sydney, Toronto, Tokyo
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