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Regular training programs improve job competence, help people exceed expectations, achieve recognition and most importantly stay motivated and happy. And when you have happy employees it definitely means higher growth for the organization. Getting results in business is both an art and science. Science is the technical skills and the art is the soft and behavioral skills.

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Why Chose Us?

Creative People

And to help your people to achieve this we help you in building a work culture in which people bring commitment, innovation and passion to work. Through our highly customized solutions we help to improve their business productivity and people performance. Our key strength is customisation. We integrate your organization's culture, values, systems and management style into our training programmes thus ensuring that the training communication is in sync with your organisations’s mission and goals.

Our Skills

We are, "The Do More Team", is booming with fresh ideas, creativity and freedom of thoughts. The team works with focus, persiverence, dedication, and utmost integiryty.
Specific Need Analysis99%
Content Development & Customisation99%
Team Building98%
Training Delivery95%
Assisted, Impactful Learning90%

Unique programs on the offing

We believe that companies can excel only when there is inclusion of personal and professional lives and the relationships in these lives. And to make this inclusion easy we have a team of specialists to help you with this transition. The offerings of our specialized bouquet include:
  1. Women safety
  2. Gender diversity
  3. Positive Parenting when dealing with teenagers
  4. The newbie Parents – Making the Transition Happen
  5. Anger Management
  6. Our FitBit Target – Making Health Goals for your partner & your self
  7. Women Empowerment
  8. I am Beautiful – the life of a working wonder woman