“Change Minds, Open Hearts
& Inspire Ideas”

We say that for an idea to be successful the first step is to Change Minds by instilling the idea,
then Open Hearts to appreciate & cultivate the idea and finally Inspire Ideas by executing & transforming them into reality & thus
We Create Ideas

Custom Programs

Business Integrated

Object Driven

Creating Transformation

Learning is Important

Corporate Training Solutions, Custom Built & result Oriented



Regular learning interventions increase an employees’ happiness quotient, engagement and involvement with the organization, thereby increasing performance though optimum utilization of their potential. A motivated and engaged employee is the organizations’ Brand Ambassador. Regular interventions enable growth, transformation and build pathways for taking on challenges and make dealing with difficult scenarios easy.

Our offerings help the transformation and evolution of your teams both personally and professionally. Our bouquet offers:

  • Corporate Solutions – group and individual
  • Leadership Transformation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Individual Transformation

Our Skills

We are, "The Do More Team", is booming with fresh ideas, creativity and freedom of thoughts. The team works with focus, persiverence, dedication, and utmost integiryty.
Specific Need Analysis99%
Content Development & Customisation99%
Team Building98%
Training Delivery95%
Assisted, Impactful Learning90%

Unique programs in the offing

Businesses excel when there is inclusion of personal and professional lives and relationships.
To make this inclusion easy we have a team of specialists to help you with this transition. The offerings of our specialized bouquet include:

  1. Women safety
  2. Gender diversity
  3. POSH
  4. Yoga and Healing
  5. Women Empowerment
  6. Building the Brand ‘Me’
  7. Color Therapy
  8. Image Consulting
International Presence : Dhaka, Dubai, London, Moscow, New York, Sydney, Toronto, Tokyo
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