Team is Essential - Human Capital

This capital, unlike the financial capital which is managed by the fund managers, is managed by the Human resource managers and their team looking after various HR functions.
1. Organizational Capability

Human Capital is the most exclusive and expensive investment that an organization makes. Every organization expects their Human Capital to start performing and achieving results from the day zero of hitting Ground Zero. Result achievement becomes a reality only when organizational systems and processes enable the human capital to perform. Our team enables the performance and potential of your human capital by enabling you to create customized HR solutions to meet organizational needs. We enable you and your team through the following HR interventions:

  • Organization structure - plan, design and implementation 
  • Documentation of role and responsibilities, job descriptions, KPIs and KRAs
  • Job evaluation, grade structuring and compensation design
  • Competency mapping and Performance management systems design and implementation
  • Developing and documenting employee service processes
  • HR policies and manuals – creation and documentation
  • Employee on-boarding
  • HR audits
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