Your Image is or the most important Value for you, as a business leader or for the Business as the Industry Leader. Your Image Defines how people perceive you and think about you. We are all aware of the concept of "First Impression is the last impression" , well this is what we help define.

At Blade-BRAINS Group, we will assist you to create that impression which will become an important, underlying factor for the success of your business. Image Consulting at B-B Group assists you to manage the entry barriers in the consumer's mind and assist you to manage the perception that the consumer / friends / Social Animals may perceive about you or your business. You can get in touch with us at for more information and we will give you a NO-OBLIGATION consultancy to jump-start your Image. Its a commitment of a lifetime.

Vaibhav Aggarwal, Group CEO & Founder
Multimedia Integration

This is a Major part of the Image building exercise. As per the strategy that is drawn up for the subject in discussion, Blade-BRAINers focus on integrating every part of the image strategy vertically as well as horizontally, within various media. These range from Print, Television and Digital. Of course the final decision for integration will be taken after due consideration of the material facts and requirements arising out of team discussions and consideration of the math therein.

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