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We are Young, Dynamic and Out of Box Thinkers - The Growth Enablers and prefer to call ourseleves "The Do More Team™"

The concept of a "The Do More Team" is very important for the success of any organisation. The team which is responsible to carry forward to light of hope for the customers, had to display a non-partisan and transparent approach towards carrying forward the business. Especially that the boundary between being frinedly and being patronising, does not need to be crossed. 

It is very important to stick to business and not be specific to the clielet's / customer's needs. Be focused towards the achievement of the a common goal - i.e. the success of the cient's / customer's business while ensuring the protection of the business interests of the clients. 
Business Integrity of both, our business and the client's business need to be maintained at all times. 
Resulting ina Delivery of Work specific to business requirements and not hear-say or everythig else but business. It is not just our Vision and Mossion nut Mantra too. 
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VAIBHAV Aggarwalva@bladebrains.com
In Vaibhav’s words, “I am a wanderer, philosopher & and a thinker. Passionately, eat drink and sleep what I do. I like adventure sports and I like thinking differently, we can call it out of box thinking.”

A Word From The Founder & Group CEO

"Blade-BRAINS was founded a long time ago. I thought I will be an enterprenuer to assist people and creatively help in solving problems. Solution Finding was always on my mind. But solution finding soon became passion and the work of art when I look back. From One Blade-BRAINS - we became a Group and went on to become "The Do More Team" which infact we try and transpire accross everything we do". 

I hope we work together and find a way to collaborate to achieve the greater good. 
Welcome to the real world my friend. Lets make something out of it and give some back. 

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Prachi N
Prachi NPartner
BIJU Mattam
BIJU MattamFounder & Managing Partner Mattam & Co., Legal Advisor / Mentor
Adv. ANUP Pandey (CS)
Adv. ANUP Pandey (CS)Statutory Advisor / Compliances
NIDHI Balachandran
NIDHI BalachandranPartner / Northern Asia / Baltic Region Head
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