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At Blade-BRAINS we try to maintain a professional, yet friendly culture, which makes our work environment highly productive, vibrant and full of enthusiasm. Every day brings in new challenges, which we as a team look forward to, and overcome gracefully. Our people are our greatest asset. We believe that we are a team of professionals, passionate about our work, and fun to be with.

Why Chose Us?

Creative People : We believe
  • that performance is an outcome of congenial work culture which we try to provide through:
  • An open and transparent work culture that encourages open communication

    For more information regarding our Work Culture and Job opening write to us at hr@bladebrains.com.

Our Skills

Customer centriicity, team work, integrity, data driven, straight and we do not cut corners (literally) for the delivery of our tasks. A spirit of youngness is inculcated with a attitude for success, for both - us and the client !
Customer Understanding90%
Honesty & Transparency in Delivery40%
Value Driven System60%
Graphic Design95%
Positive, Solution Finding86%
International Presence : Dhaka, Dubai, London, Moscow, New York, Sydney, Toronto, Tokyo
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